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Today's competitive sports environment demands that athletes become more specialized in order to realize the levels of success that serious athletes strive to achieve. Whether it's sacrificing for a world championship, striving to earn a scholarship, or simply making the team, it is essential that modern athletes participate in some kind of advanced integrated training program in order to maximize his or her athletic ability.

The basic components of an integrated training program that enhance true athleticism consist of flexibility, stabilization, balance, power, strength, speed and nutrition. The Centers for Fitness and Athletic Performance (CAP) has developed the leading methodology in integrated performance training that prepares any level athlete to not only compete at optimum levels, but help prevent serious injuries as well.

The Centers for Fitness and Athletic Performance (CAP) is an advanced, cutting-edge training company that is setting new standards by using scientific research and technology to combine traditional strength training philosophies with functional performance techniques. The result is a world-class program that systematically progresses athletes of any level from a foundation of joint integrity and injury prevention, through explosive strength training, and ultimately fine tuning agility and athletic speed.

The CAP management team has assembled a world-class advisory board responsible for cooperatively developing the CAP ProgramsTM. This accomplished group of individuals has developed an unprecedented, combined number of champion athletes that have competed at every level of competitive sports including Professionals, World-Champions, Olympians, Collegiate National Champions, Heisman Trophy Winners and High School State Champions.

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    CAP PROGRAMTM The CAP ProgramsTM consist of 4 Core Modules that are designed to guide the athletes through a progressive training program that pushes them to reach their potential one level at a time. Each 4 level Module starts by helping the athlete understand the form and technique required to achieve their athletic potential, by focusing on the foundations of strengthening athletic movement (Levels 1 and 2), then building towards multi-directional speed and power production (Levels 3 and 4). This systematic approach to improving multidirectional speed and power allows CAP to set the standards in athletic performance training! OTHER PROGRAMS:
    • Core Stabilization
    • Injury Prevention
    • Flexibility
    • Balance
    • Athletic Positioning
    • Rehabilitation
    • Mobility
    • Biomechanics of Movement
    • Joint Strength
    • Core Strength
    • Multi-Planer Movement
    • Hypertrophy
    • Explosive Strength
    • Landing Stability
    • Acceleration, Deceleration Work
    • Jump Training
    • Explosive Power
    • Mobility
    • Agility
    • Technique
    • Power, Agility
    • Strengthening the Stride
    • Acceleration
    • Lean Body Mass Nutrition
    • Athletic Speed/Specificity
    • Meal plans
    • Supplements
    Sports Programs:
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Football
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Tennis
    • Adventure Racing
    • Track and Field
    • Hockey
    • Figure Skating
    • Gymnastics
    • Bicycling
    • Golf
    • More….
      CAP METHODOLOGYTM The CAP Athletic Performance Training MethodologyTM is a comprehensive program merging the best performance coaches, equipment, and research to create the first nationwide performance network, where athletes are taught to perform highly skilled, explosive movements while maintaining proper body position to effectively achieve maximum speed in all directions. In other words, true athleticism! CAP PACKAGES CAP offers several packages that help athletes participate in our programs including individual packages, team packages, sport specific packages, adult recreational packages and maintenance packages that make the CAP ProgramsTMaffordable and available for anyone. CAP GUARANTEE CAP will guarantee that any athlete that participates in our Elite Package will improve in strength, power and speed. In order to receive the CAP Guarantee, an athlete must attend every session and not miss more than 2 consecutive sessions during the program. If an athlete does not improve, CAP will give an additional 1-month of training for free. CAP MODULES:  
    • STABILITY/FLEXIBILITY/BALANCE This develops the structrual integrity of the athlete, and can be used to accelerate the return to sport phase of rehabilitation or establish a base of injury prevention for healthly athletes. Here the athlete stabilizes athletic movement and learns how to effectively position for power.
    • STRENGTH This focuses on increasing the strength used in athletic movement. Starting with joint stabilization and progressing in to hypertrophy and strength development, the athlete will finish this phase with a strong foundation on which to build an athletic career.
    • POWER/EXPLOSIVENESS/MOBILITY This Module is built around explosive, athletic extension of the ankle, knee and hip. Speed through this "triple extension" is the primary focus of the Olympic lifting and plyometric principles used in this Phase. This powerful, multi-directional movement is the primary factor in improving athletic performace.
    • SPEED Athletic speed is when vertical, lateral, and rotational power are accelerated, and then combined with the stability and strength to efficiently absorb cutting forces. In this Phase the athlete uses the knowledge and abilities gained in the previous Modules to effectively reach top speed. This is the ultimate in athletic development, the end point.
    LEVELS PROCESS: Each Core Module incorporates the "Levels Process". There are four Levels within each module. Level 1- laying the foundation of joint integrity and structural stabilization Level 2- strengthening the movements of that module. Level 3- adding the "explosive" component. Level 4- athletic movement specificity and speed.

Speed Training

CAP Elite offers world class speed training sessions that range from teaching basic form and technique to elite over speed training. We utilize a combination of proven land based drills along with our state of the art high speed treadmill to help each athlete maximize his or her potential. Call 936-582-7777 for more information.